The song “Toss a coin to your Witcher” from the Netflix series “The Witcher” is probably stuck in everyone’s head, including Concept artist Kamila Szutenberg.

Toss a coin to your Witcher by Kamila Szutenberg
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The atmospheric picture is divided into two levels: The foreground and middle ground merge into one another and show the bed of a stream, framed on the left and right by steeply sloping hills. On the right, muddy path a rider is shown in rear view. The horse is wearing a blanket, the rider himself is wrapped in a dark cloak and probably has a hood on because of the weather. Noticeable are the two swords on his back, their knobs protruding over his shoulders and reflecting the indirect light of the cloudy sun (or moon?).

From this view, framed by the hills, a flat landscape with a pond opens up, on the opposite side of which lies a medieval ruin. The front building seems to have been the main building with at least two high floors and lancet windows. Behind it there are even higher floor ruins with smaller window openings. Birds circle around the ruin.

The grey cloud cover, puddles, the rider’s coat and a light fog in and around the ruin show that it has rained recently.
Here a special effect of the picture is also evident: the front picture level is clearly visible. In contrast, the rear plane is covered by the fog and indirect light in a veil that blurs the contours and elements.

Here the picture clearly stands in the tradition of romanticism and its atmospheric images. If one looks at other works of the artist, one sees a clear influence especially of the German Romantics such as Caspar David Friedrich, Karl-Friedrich Schinkel etc.

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich
One of the most famous artworks of Romanticism
Image via Wikimedia

Kamila Szutenberg’s works are characterized by their monumental sublimity, and at the same time they appear calm and powerful.

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The Artist

Kamila Szutenberg
Image from ArtStation

Kamila Szutenberg is a freelance concept artist with a focus on concept art & design, environment art & design and illustrations. She worked mainly for leading game developers like Bethesda and film studios like Warner Brothers.

She lives in Tübingen, Germany.