The Expanse is currently one of the most successful Science Fiction series worldwide. Based on the book series by James S. Corey (pseudonym for Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham) SyFy has been producing the TV series of the same name since 2015, which can currently be seen on Amazon Prime.

The titanic Nauvoo and the round Tycho Station.
Image via The Expanse Wiki

The Expanse is set in the 24th century and mankind has colonized the solar system. The big power blocks Earth, Mars and the Belt are in a more or less cold war with each other for resources, independency and supremacy. The Mormon religious community is shown as an important, but rather as a side line.

They missionize and collect money for the most daring and ambitious project of mankind at the beginning of the plot: the construction of the generation ship Nauvoo. With its help the Mormons want to venture into the unknown depths of space and find a new planet that can be inhabited by humans.

Holographic projection of the interior of the Nauvoo.
Image via

The success of the series is based, among other things, on the extremely realistic and well-researched presentation of science and technology, which convincingly shows existing concepts for space colonization, gravity generation, asteroid mining and so on.

The statue of the angel Moroni on the top of Nauvoo.
Image via The Expanse Wiki

But in addition to these genre-typical elements, the series also picks up on familiar elements of Mormonism, which are translated into the technologically advanced 24th century. For the Nauvoo is not only a spaceship, but also a flying temple and a modern Garden of Eden for the Mormons. It is therefore not surprising that motifs are used that are characteristic of the Mormons.

Temple in Washington, D.C., opened in 1974.
Image via Newsroom

Among them is the huge statue of the angel Moroni on the top of the Nauvoo. But also the design of the command bridge and the temple shown are clearly Mormon. This is particularly evident in the use of brilliant white and light elements, golden decoration and the representation of settlement, which is extremely important for the Mormons.

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