With the last late summer light I am preparing the next steps of the PhD project, for an article, conferences in 2019 and for the AHF project. And maybe for some hibernation. So let me take you into my confused mind and plans!

AHF – Blog

The next big blog article will be about Game of Thrones! We all love our backstabbing tv heroes (or villains? What are they?!), the intrigues and the WTF-moments. For me personally, the worldbuilding of the whole tv show is working so well because of the set design, the CGI and the visual depth. Every time I rewatch a season, I can find new details or references and fall in love (?) all over again. And because of dragons. I like dragons (even they are not real dragons in GoT)…

The world of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire is, like all the Fantastics, somehow connected to and based in mythology and other legendary/literal/religious/historical sources. When it comes to visualization not only somehow Medieval castles are shown but also a lot of references to Antiquity, especially in Essos. We can find pyramids and blooming gardens in the dessert, huge libraries and high lighthouses, titans guarding a city…

So the next blog series will be about

Game of Thrones and the Seven Wonders of the World!

AHF – in general

Besides planning more content (that is what it is all about), I designed some postcards and small cards to hand out. It would be nice to increase the audience of AHF and to start creating a strong community for people who are interested in the Fantastics.

If you want a postcard, just let me know! Due to me living on a very limited budget the printing process will start next month.

And soon I will be ready with a Patreon site for AHF. More about it when it is released.

Next Publication: Something EVIL!

End of November I have a deadline for an article in the academic paper collection of Luna Press PublishingThe Evolution of Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction“.

I really could not resist to hand in an idea for a paper when it comes to the terms of evil! My article will deal with the question how the Gothic architectural style is used to characterize evil settings. My intension is to connect the interpretation of (sacral) Gothic architectures from the Medieval Ages with Fantastic visualizations. What motifs are recited and transferred? How did the basic intension change from positive to negative when it comes to Gothic styles? And in which ways is all of this rooted in history and art over the last centuries?

My current examples from the Fantastics include Gotham City (movies & comics), Orthanc & Barad-dur (Lord of the Rings movie trilogy), Bloodbourne (video game), Jupiter Ascending (movie), Imperial Palace (Star Wars comics).

Any more suggestions? Please comment or mail me!

I keep you updated. For the night is Gothic and full of terrors.

Update: PhD Project

My advisor got a totally new outline for the PhD, including how many pages I plan to write for each chapter and subchapter (volume calculation). The maximum for the whole text volume will be 300 pages. That sounds like a lot but it was pretty difficult to find a good, and realistic, balance. Furthermore, I had to focus the topic finally. The whole architecture in all Fantastic medias is too much for a PhD. But the passion for it is still burning, so who knows how we get it out into this or another galaxy?

Current Status: Going on, step by step, accompanied by sorrow and despair (very close friends).


AHF is about discussion, connection and re-enchanting the world!

So feel free to contact, comment, mail, send a carrier pigeon/raven!

About the Author Dominic Riemenschneider

Independent scholar & PhD candidate in Art History with research about the Fantastic, its reception and roots in art and architecture. Also offering services, workshops and lectures about the Fantastic and the connection to real world events, society and developments.

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