40th International Conference for the Fantastic in the Art

While being sick at home (with a horrible, horrible cold or flue or alien virus attack) I got a mail that really cheered me up. A couple of weeks ago I handed in an abstract for a presentation at the jubilee annual conference of the International Association of the Fantastic in the Arts (IAFA).

And it got accepted! You would not believe how happy I am and how honored I feel.

The topic for ICFA 2019 is “Politics & Conflict”, my presentation will be part of the Visual and Performing Arts and Audiences Division (surprise surprise) and is titled: 

“Architecture is Might: Real Political Strategies
Behind Representative Buildings
in the Visual Fantastic”

Film still from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1 where I found the inspiration for the paper title (copyright by WB)

The conference is taking place in the Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside from Wednesday, March 13th till Saturday, March 16th. Amongst others the Guest of Honor will be G. Willow Wilson and Guest Scholar will be Mark Bould!

I am really looking forward to meet new peer scholars in the Fantastic research, to exchange thoughts and ideas and to discuss the most awesome field of research!

Florida, here I come!

About the Author Dominic Riemenschneider

Independent scholar & PhD candidate in Art History with research about the Fantastic, its reception and roots in art and architecture. Also offering services, workshops and lectures about the Fantastic and the connection to real world events, society and developments.

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