Publication Release in Summer 2019

In November and December 2018 I worked on an article for a volume of Luna Press Publishing about ‘The Evolution of Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction’. With this kind of topic I really could not resist to hand in an abstract.

My article will discuss the use of Gothic architectural styles to characterize evil settings in Fantasy and Science Fiction. It covers medieval receptions but also modern Gothic styles that are influenced by Romanticism and Historicism, Art Nouveau and Jugendstil.

The examples that are discussed are coming from different Fantastic media like video games (Bloodborne), roleplay games (Pathfinder), movies (Jupiter Ascending, comics (Star Wars). They are compared and put in context with art and architecture of the last centuries.

Luna Press now started with the marketing and will publish step by step blog posts from each author with their background and thoughts about their articles. Check it out!

The volume will be released during the next World Science Fiction Convention in Dublin from August 15-19.

If you are also there,

come over and discuss, celebrate and be evil with us!

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About the Author Dominic Riemenschneider

Independent scholar & PhD candidate in Art History with research about the Fantastic, its reception and roots in art and architecture. Also offering services, workshops and lectures about the Fantastic and the connection to real world events, society and developments.