The volume ‘A Shadow Within: Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction’ can now be pre-ordered by the publisher Luna Press.

I have the great honor to contribute with an article about how Gothic styles and elements are used to characterize evil settings. The article is titled:

From Light to Dark.
Using Gothic Styles to Visualise Evil in Architecture.

Read the abstract here to get an idea what it is about.

And here you can get an impression of the used examples from Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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Book Release Party in Dublin – Let’s meet!

And there are more exciting news! Many authors, including me, of the volume and the awesome editor Francesca T Barbini are at Worldcon 77 in Dublin this August!

This is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the release of this special volume as it is the 50th book by Luna Press. And it is always fun to celebrate evil!

Contact me if you are in Dublin! Just write a mail or follow the Facebook event I created on my Facebook page for this.

I love this book cover! ❤