Religion in Science Fiction & Fantasy is out!

D Heute habe ich eine ziemlich aufregende Aufgabe abgeschlossen! Die ersten Umschläge mit umfangreicher Broschüre zum Thema "Religion in Science Fiction und Fantasy" gingen in die Post! Ziel ist es, mich als freiberuflichen Forscher für Vorträge, Workshops und andere Formate vorzustellen. Die umfangreiche Übersicht (war auch eine gute Übung für Layouts) findet ihr zum Durchblättern…

Accepted for ICFA 2019 in Orlando – Woop Woop!

40th International Conference for the Fantastic in the Art While being sick at home (with a horrible, horrible cold or flue or alien virus attack) I got a mail that really cheered me up. A couple of weeks ago I handed in an abstract for a presentation at the jubilee annual conference of the International…

BE Allatt @ Worldcon 76

A very interesting presentation from #worldcon76 this year by my colleague BE Allatt (who I had the pleasure to meet, talk to and discuss cool ideas around Science Fiction and Fantasy 😊)! "Questioning Mononormativity: Heinleinian Non-Monogamies" Feel free to like, share, comment, follow her on Youtube and check her homepage!

Churches everywhere? Thoughts about Architectural Worldbuilding in Fantasy Games | Part 3

Part 3 of the article about religious buildings in video games: Dragon Age! And as it is the last part, also with the conclusion and bibliography.