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about Art History Fantastics

Art History Fantastics is a project by Dominic Riemenschneider. As a freelance Art Historian he is researching Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror. He is interested in the different ways in which art and architecture of past centuries have been interpreted in the Fantastic media.

It is a heart-felt project, because it combines the passion for everything fantastic with that for Art History.

No matter if movies and series, video games, comics, book covers or other illustrations: It is always about the influence of past eras on the Fantastic Worlds.

Art History Fantastics wants to show the many different connections over the millennia in a scholarly but entertaining way.

Dominic Riemenschneider

Dominic Riemenschneider studied Art History, Christian Archaeology/Byzantine Art History and Protestant Theology at the JGU Mainz from 2007 to 2015. He graduated as Magister Artium.

Since then he has gained professional experiences in the public sector, in the creative industry, in a communications agency and currently in two parishes in Friedrichshain. And of course as a freelance Art Historian.

Since 2017 he has been doing his doctorate in Art History on the architectural visualisation in modern Fantasy and Science Fiction using the tower motif as an example. The dissertation is to be published in digital form and freely available; the printed edition will be published via crowdfunding.

He is also working on a novel project in the field of political Urban Fantasy.

Since 2012 he lives in Berlin.