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What is Patreon?

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform where you can support a project, an artist or other creative formats through membership. There are different levels of membership that include different benefits.

In essence, it is like crowdfunding, but not tied to a single product. Through membership and monthly contributions it is much more sustainable, predictable and communicative.

As a supporter you choose the level with the benefits that appeal most to you. Each level has a minimum amount, but you can also enter a higher amount, which will be charged monthly. Patrons can change levels at any time or stop at the end of the month.

The membership of Art History Fantastics on Patreon is based on solidarity and the motto: Pay what you can or want.

Everybody is free to support the project and the content with what they can and want. All receive the same benefits and content.


The Creator Page: An Overview

On the newly designed creator page you’ll find five different elements that give you an overview of what Art History Fantastics has to offer for supporters.


Membership Levels & Pay what you can

After the cover picture, a profile picture and the short description (Art History Fantastics creates articles, videos and projects about Fantasy & Science Fiction) you will see the first three membership levels.

Each level has its own name, below which the minimum amount for that level is displayed (you can also enter a different amount).

Art History Fantastics would like to bring the contents of fantasy and science fiction to all interested people. Therefore the old system was changed with different levels and advantages to Pay what you can/want, in short PWYC.

Support Art History Fantastics with the monthly contribution that seems appropriate for you. This can be $1 or more. You decide!


Current Overview of Support

A small box with the current status of the supporters is attached to the membership level overview. It also shows the total number of members and the amount they pledged per month.

You’ll also find links to the Facebook and Instagram pages as well as the Art History Fantastics Youtube channel.

A good opportunity to follow right there!


The About Section

After the current overview comes the description of what Art History Fantastics is about, who is behind it and what is planned. And of course it’s also about why you should become a member.

The first section is written in English. Directly next to it the German text follows.


The Goals Section

The next box shows the goals of Art History Fantastics. You could decide if you want to have the number of members or a sum of money. Since Art History Fantastics is still in its beginnings, I decided on amounts, because the more supporters the project has, and accordingly more financial possibilities, the more I can offer to the members.

This ranges from more formats (through technical purchases such as a microphone for the planned Visual Podcast) to more content (by being able to purchase more materials) to more benefits (because I can create and send more stuff to you).

The big dream is of course that I can at least partly finance myself with your support at Patreon. This gives me more time for everything (formats, content, benefits).

By clicking on the left/right arrows you can see which goals are planned from which amount and what you can expect when the time comes.


The Post Section

Similar to what you might know from Facebook or other social media platforms, Patreon also has a post page.

There I share the most different things: Current projects, links to exciting articles, pictures from the hustle and bustle of Art History Fantastics.

But what’s special here is that some contributions are only available for members. Here it concerns above all the advantages of your membership. These can be votes on topics or projects, the monthly newsletter or files like articles or videos to which you as a supporter have exclusive access.


How can I become member and support Art History Fantastics?

Patreon is a great opportunity for Art History Fantastics to exchange ideas with interested people and to sustainably finance projects and ideas.

Create a profile

To be part of it, all you have to do is create a profile at Patreon. It’s quick and easy. It is especially important to give your postal address, because many advantages as a supporter of Art History Fantastics come through the mail.

Why should I give my postal address?

Patreon (and of course I) attach great importance to data protection, so you don’t have to worry about the use of your data. Mail and postal addresses only go to me so that I can send you things, you know when Art History Fantastics starts a poll or has posted something, etc.

All details and settings are voluntary and can be changed at any time.

Why do I need to specify a payment method?

Patreon’s idea is to support an artist or a project like Art History Fantastics through membership. Through the monthly contributions a reliable financing becomes possible, which creates completely new freedom and possibilities.

In return you will receive various benefits, co-design and decision-making options as well as exclusive access to content and merchandise.

The minimum fee is $1, less than €1 per month.


Your benefits as a member

Here you will find an overview with all benefits as supporter of Art History Fantastics:

  • all posts will be unlocked
  • Your name on the Supporter Wall and as a thank you in the dedication of videos and articles
  • Exclusive access to all contributions of Art of the Week Plus!

  • Voting right for all votes & surveys. You help decide where the journey takes us!
  • You will receive a handwritten letter (with shimmering ink!) as a thank you for your support!
  • You will receive an exclusive 30% discount code for the Art History Fantastics merchandise shop!

  • Early access to all contributions, articles and videos
  • Your name will be in my dissertation

Support AHF and become part of the community

In German these word hardly exists anymore, but it has a long, venerable tradition. In the past, patrons were widespread in the arts and still are today.

Why not apply this concept to independent research, creative content and projects in the fields of Fantasy and Science Fiction?

Art History Fantastics wants to make ideas, content and formats from the field of fantasy accessible to as many people as possible and to address current issues by developing new communication concepts (e.g. in schools).

I would be happy to welcome you as a fantastic supporter at Patreon! 

So I guess there is only one thing left to do: Join!