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Art History Fantastics

With Your Help!

Art History Fantastics is a truly heart-felt project. It is an important intention to make the content accessible to as many interested people as possible. Nevertheless, there are of course costs involved. This ranges from the operation of the site, the purchase of technology to be able to discuss the fantastic art in a high quality way to the standard tool of an Art Historian: the (very expensive) art book.

In addition, there is the personal dream of being able to combine passion and earning a living, in order to be able to live at some point from and with blog, publications and freelance services in the field of the Fantastics. Because then I will be able to share even more with everybody, to realize new formats and dive into different fantastic worlds together with you.

How can You Support the Project?

There are several ways you can support the project and me. I have tried out a lot in the past years and these three forms have become more and more established.

And very important: If you like all this, share it with other interested people! Sharing is caring <3


Support, Community, Crowdfunding

Exclusive content, early access, voting and much more for all supporters.

Starting at 1 €/$ per month

'Pay what you can/want' is the motto of my Patreon. All supporters receive the same benefits, including early access to new content, but also voting on topics or physical goodies.
Some pay 1 €/$, others 25 €/$ per month. It's totally up to you.
You can change, pause or cancel the subscription every month.

Support my Patreon

Not sure what Patreon is exactly and how it works? I wrote a short summary of this platform for creative people and their supporters.


Shirts, Hoodies and other Stuff

Unique designs from Art History Fantastics, quality products and printing, all On Demand.

Nerd it up!

In the store you can choose your new favorite piece in your favorite color.
The unique motives were created by me, everything else is taken care of by Getshirts:
They print color directly on the fabric, which gives a much better quality than the widespread foil print.

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Financially or with a donation in kind

Thank You! <3

In the past few years, some really great people have simply wanted to support the project or special events (purchase of technology, lecture trip).
Others wanted to enrich my research with a donation in kind and simply ordered one of the books on my long wish list.

Hall of Fame

The Supporters so far <3

These wonderful people support Art History Fantastics and me. Thank you so much, you are awesome!


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Supporters help the project monthly with

Lili Lonco

Lea Lonco

Harry & Andrea Riemenschneider

Gisela Becker

Sisu Bohm

Luca Lombardo

Charlotte Mohr

Christine Schwedler

Rebecca Augstein

BE Allat

Dr. Claudia Rapp

Marcel Aubron-Bülles

Sarah Hermes

Maria Feher


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Items have been bought in the store so far
of commissions went into the project

Many thanks to the following individuals
for their generous support:

Annette Kaiser, Alexander Heigl, Sisu Bohm

The following publishers have contributed to my research
with book donations:

Klett-Cotta Verlag

Panini Verlag

FESTA Verlag

Golkonda Verlag

Ulisses Spiele

Fischer TOR Verlag


Books have been donated so far
were received as financial support