Das SF-Jahr 2018 ist da!

Hurra! Hurra! Das SF-Jahr 2018 ist da! Ein simples Reimschema drückt nicht genug meine große Freude darüber aus, aber es ist ein Anfang. Denn ich hatte die große Ehre einen Beitrag mit Gedanken über die Darstellung von Hochhäusern in Science Fiction-Serien und -Filmen beizusteuern. In "Vom Hochhausbau zum Science Fiction-Epos. Überlegungen zu Türmen als prägendes Motiv in … Weiterlesen Das SF-Jahr 2018 ist da!

Accepted for ICFA 2019 in Orlando – Woop Woop!

40th International Conference for the Fantastic in the Art While being sick at home (with a horrible, horrible cold or flue or alien virus attack) I got a mail that really cheered me up. A couple of weeks ago I handed in an abstract for a presentation at the jubilee annual conference of the International … Weiterlesen Accepted for ICFA 2019 in Orlando – Woop Woop!

November is Cave Time

Sometimes you need to hide from the world... After some unexpected events and distractions I am back in track with my working plans. The whole November is blocked for the article about the reception of Gothic architectural styles in Fantasy and Science Fiction to characterize evil settings. So it will be a bit quiet on … Weiterlesen November is Cave Time

Nighttable | Nachttisch #002

November is the perfect time for catching up with your unread books staple. Of course in a cozy way with coffee, pajama and a blanket. Last one is needed when reading classic horror novels like Bram Strokers' Dracula! And it is also for the November project: an article about Gothic reception in the Fantastics to … Weiterlesen Nighttable | Nachttisch #002

What´s next on AHF?

With the last late summer light I am preparing the next steps of the PhD project, for an article, conferences in 2019 and for the AHF project. And maybe for some hibernation. So let me take you into my confused mind and plans! AHF - Blog The next big blog article will be about Game … Weiterlesen What´s next on AHF?

Churches everywhere? Thoughts about Architectural Worldbuilding in Fantasy Games – Part 3

Part 3 of the article about religious buildings in video games: Dragon Age! And as it is the last part, also with the conclusion and bibliography.

Churches everywhere? Thoughts about Architectural Worldbuilding in Fantasy Games – Part 2

Part 2 about religious architectures in fantasy video games: World of Warcraft and the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind!